Naughty But Nice Biscoff Iced Coffee

Naughty But Nice Biscoff Iced Coffee

We reached out to one of our amazing Limae Family Members and asked them what their FAVOURITE blend was for their Limae Portable Blender! Take a look below and be sure to give this one a try! 😍

I love to start my day off, with a Biscoff Iced Coffee, in my Limae Blender, so much so, that I’m completely hooked on it every day.

I never really heard of Biscoff, until my partner brought Biscoff spread a month ago. Boy, oh boy, I think it’s pretty close to the best thing I’ve ever tasted. It has such a unique taste and there’s nothing quite like it. It tastes like a caramel biscuit, bit with a twist!

I’ve been making normal iced coffee’s in my Limae Blender for 3 months now. Limae blends it so smooth, that I think it’s better than cafes!

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a recipe of an elaborate Biscoff Iced Frappe and I thought “Pfffff, I can totally simplify that”.

I thought, why not try adding Biscoff and ice cream to my morning iced coffee? I can tell you, it did not disappoint! Even when I don’t feel like coffee in the afternoons, I’ll whip up this recipe, just without the coffee. It’s amazing, and a must try!

Naughty but nice, Biscoff Iced Coffee



🍯 1 tbs BISCOFF SPREAD (smooth)

🍦 1 tbs ICE CREAM

🥛 ¾ cup MILK

☕️ 1 tsp COFFEE



1. Add ICE, BISCOFF, ICECREAM & MILK to blender.

2. In a seperate mug, add COFFEE & BOILING WATER, stir until dissolved.

3. Add the coffee mixture to blender & blend!

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