A Friend For Life: The Blender Helping Our Health

A Friend For Life: The Blender Helping Our Health

Adopting a blender may sound like you’ve sold your soul to a smoothie. Who knew such nutrition-extracting wizardry could turn you into a juice disciple, and crack the code to ​weight loss​, all in a cup? Aussie mum of two, KaraMay, is smitten with her portable glass blender in blush, from ​Limae Australia​ that gets used at least 3 times a day by herself and partner.

“That's right, I said ‘she.’ Our blender is part of the family,” KaraMay said.

Limae’s portable blender is all-around helpful for anyone who has an on the go routine or is just needing to save time. An easy one-button action compliments any lifestyle, from sunrise to dusk. So why bother when you could own a machine that shreds stems, cracks skins and bursts open seeds, all by itself?.

Smoothies are an easy place to start if you’re ploughing through the daily grind while wanting to lose weight. High-impact, nutritious and less mess means it can become so moreish to dance around different blends

KaraMay lost 15kg following her purchase of the Limae blender. She claims it motivated her to keep the weight loss momentum going.

“Having this cute portable blender staring at me first thing when I enter the kitchen is a reminder of how easy it can be,” she said.

KaraMay gets no use out of her old blenders anymore. She says its efficiency and practical design makes cleaning up and storage quick and easy, leaving previously tried and owned blenders for dead!

The compact blender allows for more countertop space and you can even sneak it in your handbag, blending in well with the mum on the go routine.

So why not create a sunnier disposition with this neat, discreet blitzing beast. Become the #smoothieking and swap the croissant and long black for a chilled drink to get your family enriched with vitamins, full till lunch.

Try out this smoothie recipe in your kitchen today:

Hazelnut butter, banana, raspberry smoothie

What ingredients do I need to make an amazing smoothie? Up your​ ​healthy fat intake​ with this recipe that will delight your senses:

● 1 banana

● 125g or a handful of raspberries

● 1tspof​PureharvestCoco2HazelnutSpread

● 1 tbsp of raw cocoa or 6 squares of ​Loving Earth ​dark chocolate

● 3 ice cubes

● 350ml of ​dairy free milk

Written by Corinna Harris

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