Keeping Your Limae Clean!

Have you received your Limae Portable Blender, had your first AMAZING experience with it, find yourself at the kitchen sink about to give it its first bath and just don't know where to begin!

Let me help you!

So just like any other cup, the glass top can be placed into the dishwasher on a low setting (top shelf) clean or can be washed in soapy water with a sponge bath!

The base of the Limae Portable Blender can NOT be placed into water, although the bottom has water resistant caps on them, this is purely to try and help you if placing the blender on a wet surface. 

To clean the base of the blender, I personally use the cleaning brush provided in the Straw Set - I use the end of this to prop the silicone ring out, scrub the brush around the curves of the inside base, give the silicone ring a soak in some water, then thoroughly dry both the inside of the base and the silicone ring before putting back together.

Please be sure the thoroughly dry each part of the machine before storing away to prevent mold developing 


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